Friday, November 14, 2008


Some of my work is going in a caricature exhibition in Edinburgh soon! I must give a huge thankyou to Craig Rogalski for asking me to take part.

All the details are on this website:

I'm honoured to be showing my work alongside the other artists exhibiting, and pretty amazed! Check out the website and all the other artist's sites - they are all incredibly talented.

I'm on holiday in Wales all next week, hopefully I will have some new stuff to post soon after that.


Edo draaijer said...

Congrats Neil! Next level?! Absolutely!

Matt Ryder said...

Well done Neil, thats great news, good luck. Oh and enjoy sunny Wales !

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Neil!

Congratulations on the exhibition invitation dude! Good luck to you

Francisco Martins

Nelson Santos said...

Congratulations Mike nice going.