Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bleeding heart liberal

That's the title of Robin Ince's stand up comedy tour, which I'm going to see next Tuesday. Hopefully I'll get the chance to give him a copy of this caricature, I think it came out pretty well.

I had so many ideas for this, it's based on a promo photo for the tour and in the photo he has a huge sticking plaster over his heart. First I thought about giving him a big heart tattoo instead, then maybe a couple of arrows stuck in his chest - in the end I've kept it really simple and put a "WWRD?" - What Would Richard (Dawkins) Do? badge on his shirt. Robin is a vocal atheist just like Dawkins (and me) :)


Niall O loughlin said...

Great skin tones.

kencoogan said...

This is excellent Neil!! Likeness is spot on.
I remember him from a brief appearance in the first series of 'The Office' as Stuart Foot.
Doesn't he do some writing with Ricky Gervais too? He's a very funny bloke!!

Neil Davies said...

Thanks guys :)

Ken - he supports Gervais on his tours, not sure if they write together but it wouldn't surprise me.

Patrick Strogulski said...

Fabulous piece man ! I recommend the film "Religulous" with Bill Maher, could be something for you, if you haven`t seen it. Quite funny ;-)

Moyse said...

Wonderful job Neil!!

Jason Seiler said...

Looks really nice . . . more portrait-like, but very nice.