Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tom Hanks

This for the Schoolism Caricature course with Jason Seiler, which I finally signed up for. Already after Lesson 1 I realise how fundamentally rubbish I am and that I have so much to learn!


mrjusta said...

I so want to do this course - Jason is totally amazing but you aint too shabby yourself, your work is top drawer - guess we all want to improve our work - Hanks is a tough choice to start with!

kencoogan said...

Neil, I would hardly use the word 'rubbish' to describe your work!!!
Doing this course will only make your work even more impressive than it already is!!!
This Tom Hanks is great!! Very different to the one you did a few years ago but excellent nonetheless.

Neil Davies said...

Thanks Ken. I'm rubbish compared to whre I want to be, put it that way! Never satisfied! :)

Tel said...

Couldn't believe you said that Neil - your stuff is great. I think we shouldn't judge ourselves by the Seiler's, Court Jones etc of the world ...... that's a top Tom Hanks BTW.
I must do Jason's course when the US Dollar collapses a bit to make it affordable - are you doing the 'budget' version or the full tutorial ?

Neil Davies said...

Full tutorial. I think it'll be worth it. You're right though Tel, it's probably not a wise thing to compare with the very top guys. Not yet anyway! :)

Francisco Martins said...

Hehe! You don't look rubbish to me dude!
Great work, as usual!

Franciso Martins

Arun said...

that's one very self deprecating caricaturist ! yer one of the best around I would say...I regularly follow your blog along with those others you've mentioned ! you're right up there man !

Ernesto Perlingeiro said...

man, your work previously you start this course is 10000 light years away from beign rubbish!
the teacher will probably observe points and give tips that will only imporve even more your art!
great tom hanks!

Jason Seiler said...

I agree, you've got MAD skills Neil . . . I really like this Tom Hanks . . . I'm going to be extra hard on you though.