Friday, April 09, 2010

Gadget Show Live

Thought I'd re-post my Gadget Show team caricature as I spent today in a world of gadge at the Gadget Show Live! at the NEC. Great show, plenty of awesome tech to see and try - 3D TVs (still not sold on that one yet), huge silvery flying super-penguins of the future (amazing) and a great live performance from Jas, Suz, Ortis and John. Top stuff guys, thanks!

The highlight for me though was seeing the second ever computer I owned (first was a ZX81) in the Hall of Fame section - an Amstrad CPC464 home computer with an integrated tape deck! Ah the nostalgia nearly brought a tear to my eye. Nearly.


kencoogan said...

I owned an Amstrad too Neil!! It was the green monitor version, not the fancy colour one!! I only ever bought one game for it though (what else was I going to use it for??) called 'Who Dares Wins'. Those were the days.......or were they?

Neil Davies said...

I had a few games, the only ones I remember are 'Oh Mummy' which my sister played more than me... plus at the show they had a ZX Spectrum set up with Jet Set Willy which I wasted many hours of my life trying to beat. It was only a few months ago I found out that it was impossible due to a fault in the game!