Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Redux (with added Dr.Watson)

I'm putting a few pictures together to go into an exhibition in Edinburgh in a couple of months (I'll post details of it nearer the time) and I really wanted to use the Sherlock Holmes/Robert Downey Jr. I did for Jason Seiler's Schoolism course last year. It had a lot of empty space in it, so I decided to fill it with Dr.Watson/Jude Law - initially I was thinking of having him stood next to Holmes, but it didn't look right so I went with him being seated as well. I think it works ok, hopefully it'll look really cool printed.


cabap said...

great job my friend,
jan :)

R.Kamal said...

fantastic job on both.

Will Appledorn said...

i'd imagine that Jude Law isn't so easy to caricature.

you pulled it off quite nicely!

Tel said...

That's a really classy piece Neil - top work !