Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skeptic Top Trump - Dara O'Briain

The second comedian in the Skeptic Top Trumps set (Robin Ince was the first one we did - and there are a couple more to come) is the brilliant Dara O'Briain! I saw Dara at last years Cheltenham Science Festival where he brought the house down. And he also studied theoretical physics at university, a subject I love too (although my couple of years of OU book learnin' means I'm a bit behind Dara!)


em... said...

Great Dara, Neil.

Coincidentally, I posted a sketch of Dara on my blog a couple of weeks ago - I found him a lot more difficult to caricature than I thought he would be.

Neil Davies said...

Thanks Euan - I'll check yours out! It took me a couple of tries I must admit!