Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Skeptic Top Trumps continues

The Skeptic Top Trumps cards are still going, we're around the halfway mark now I think (I hope!) - here's the latest one, the brilliant Lib Dem MP Dr.Evan Harris. He's one good reason to vote Lib Dem and it seems like the public are realising that there are many many more good reasons to do just that. Looking forward to the next TV debate...!

Keep up with the Skeptic Top Trumps on Crispian Jago's blog!


ian said...

These are all awesome Neil, great work. Are they actual printed cards for sale? Nice that you get a credit and ad at the bottom of everyone one on the Science, Reason, and Critical thinking page!

Neil Davies said...

Yeah I made sure to get a link in there! When the set is finished I'm pretty sure we will get them printed and for sale. Not sure yet of the details but I expect something will be sorted when we're finished with the main 60 or so cards :)