Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LFCC and other things

Well as Paul Moyse has reported we had a great weekend at the London Film and Comic Con - I sold a fairly respectable number of prints and Paul did a roaring trade of live caricatures (including one of my wife!) and shifted many copies of his excellent book. It was a good learning experience and I know how I'd do things differently next time to potentially sell more. The big original paintings I had got a lot of attention too, so I'll be planning some new ones soon.

I've also just done my first magazine cover for The Skeptic Magazine which will be available in a few weeks (so go and subscribe, and tell them I sent you!) - so I'll being posting it here when it's out. It's a good piece of work I think, the editor Chris French was very impressed so hopefully I'll be doing other things for them in the future. In fact I already am - I'm working on something for their website right now. Exciting stuff!


Mark Heng said...

Good on you, working a table can be a beyotch...
So, what would you do differently?

Neil Davies said...

Thanks Mark. First of all, I had my prints mounted and in polythene bags which looked great - but I think many people didn't buy because of the awkwardness of carrying them. Next time I'll probably have loose prints and put them in mailing tubes which are much easier to chuck in a bag. Also although we did well, I think we were too cramped and a 6ft wide table is the minimum to get seen (we were sharing one 6ft table).