Wednesday, July 07, 2010

London Film and Comic Con - 17th-18th July

I'll be showing some of my work at the London Film and Comic Con at Earl's Court 2 in a couple of weeks time - 17th and 18th of July:

This is all thanks to the generosity of fellow caricaturist Paul Moyse who asked if I'd like to share a table with him (is he MAD?). Hopefully my stuff won't look too shoddy next to his awesome paintings!

As it's a film and comic con, I'll be cramming a few suitable paintings in the car and a stack of prints - plenty of Joker, Batman, Hulk, Wolverine, Watchmen and others which should go down well!

Are there any stars attending this convention I hear you ask? Only CAPTAIN FRIGGING KIRK!

See you there!

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