Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katy Perry oil painting

Not a caricature, just something I wanted to try to practice with oils. I'm a big fan of pin-up art, Gil Elvgren in particular and I'd love to be able to paint something like his work. This is Katy Perry's new album cover (slightly adjusted to fit a landscape canvas) and it took me something like four or five hours on and off today. Really pleased with it for a first crack at this sort of thing. It's 14" x 10". The first photo is the block in which took about an hour or so, and the second is the finished painting. Let me know what you think!


David Dunne Art said...

good work man something different looks cool and you did it in no time

Thomas Fluharty said...

Lovely Neil. Love to see you out of the digital. nice beginning.~T