Friday, November 05, 2010

F1 Drivers caricature - finished

(Click to see a larger version)

Here's the finished piece, with a few updates - Alonso is now in front of course, as he's leading the championship going in to this weekend's Brazilian GP. Check out Keith Collantine's consistently brilliant F1 Fanatic blog for all the info you could need on F1 - he's used my illustration for his latest article :)

This piece was so much fun to do. The idea is to show how Alonso has been helped by his team (Ferrari) choosing him as main competitor this year very early on, while Red Bull and McLaren have stuck by both their drivers. Who knows how it will play out with just two races left? The Red Bull and McLaren drivers are shown running a three-legged race, Webber and Vettel duct-taped together and Hamilton and Button are strapped tight by a McLaren branded carbon-fibre leg brace :) Plus I just love my little Massa.

You can get this illustration on a t-shirt by clicking here. It looks awesome! Also happy to send A3 prints to anyone who wants one - price would be £12.50 inc p&p - just e-mail me on if you'd like one :)


dirgegirl said...

What a BRILLIANT caricature - loads of interest on the F1 Fantatic site, plus requests for posters!

Neil Davies said...

Very happy to supply A3 prints of the illustration, price would be £12.50 - anyone interested can e-mail me on :)


MÂȘ Elena M.P. said...

Great cartoon, awesome.
It is clear that Ferrari bet is Alonso, champion twice. But Massa little help the team.
It is a normal situation in an F1 team. Remember Shumi / Barrichello?
Apart from this, I love the cartoon, is funny and ironic.
Good Job.

Will Appledorn said...

that's pretty great.
the massa bit really made me laugh.