Monday, January 03, 2011

A quick sketch

This is Amanda Seyfried, very quickly sketched for the Facebook group Caricaturama 3000. Like most people, I love Alphonse Mucha and that style of art, and this was done with that in mind. Also I got an incredible book of comic art by Adam Hughes (called Cover Run) for Xmas which has been very inspiring.


Toby K said...

Nice work Neil! Happy New Year:)

em... said...

I like it.

My only real crit would be that all the lines seem to be the same weight. For me, one of the keys to a Mucha-esque feel is the thick bordering of elements (something that Adam Hughes appropriated too)

Neil Davies said...

Yep, didn't try to do that for this quickie but I want to return to it when I've figured out how to!