Friday, January 28, 2011

Sketching - Tom Hardy

The second 'baddie' in The Dark Knight Rises is to be Bane, played by Tom Hardy - another great choice. Tom was excellent in Inception which undoubtedly sealed his place in the next Batman film. I've only seen a few of his films, but he was great in Rock'n'Rolla and was easily the best thing in Star Trek: Nemesis. But that isn't saying much ;)

Another very wonky pencil sketch in my A3 sketchbook, starting with HB and working up to 7B. I spent an hour trying several times to draw Jack Nicholson before giving up completely and doing this first go. Funny how some people are easier to do than others.

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em... said...

Spot on, Neil.

He's been on my list of people to caricature for a while, but I haven't gotten round to doing him yet. I was hoping I might be the first person to do a caricature of him, but you've beaten me to it. :)

I'm hoping the get the character of Bane right with this new movie, and not reduce him the mindless thug that he became in "Batman & Robin". He's supposed to be a kind of criminal version of Bruce Wayne - someone who has honed his physical strength and mental abilities.

Tom Hardy has bulked up before, for the movie "Bronson", and he's an intelligent actor, so I think he's great casting for the role.