Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketching - Anne Hathaway

Trying (again) to pick an old fashioned thing called a 'pencil' and do some drawing! Got myself a clutch pencil which feels nice and a big A3 sketch book as I thought going bigger might free me up a bit and loosen up the arm and shoulder.

This is Anne Hathaway, who has just been cast as Catwoman in the next Batman film (great choice). It's a bit wonky to say the least, and not exaggerated much, but overall I'm pleased with how it felt to be sketching at that size. The clutch pencil has HB lead which was too hard so I'll have to get some softer 2mm leads. I went over this sketch with a 7B to give it a bit more depth.


Toby K said...
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em... said...

Terrific likeness, Neil.

I'm so-so about her announcement as Catwoman. I think she's a good actress, but not how I imagine the character at all.

The way I see it, there are actresses who are "girls" and actresses who are "women". It has nothing to do with age or height or anything like that, but more to do with an aura of confidence and control.

For example, Jennifer Aniston is a girl; Angelina Jolie is a woman; Lauren Bacall, even in her earliest roles opposite Bogart, was a woman; Goldie Hawn, however old she gets, is a girl;

Catwoman should be played by a woman. Anne Hathaway, in my mind, is a girl.

I had been half expecting, as she'd been in Christopher Nolan's "Inception", that it might be Marion Cotillard who got the part. She'd have been good.

Neil Davies said...

Thanks Ewan - good points! You may well be right. I think she'll pull it off though (so to speak).

I got a book by comic book artist Adam Hughes who drew Catwoman covers and based 'his' version of the character on Audrey Hepburn. Not an actress I would have thought of but it works! I think Catwoman as a character is more open to interpretation than, say, Batman is.

Neil Davies said...

Oh and thanks Toby!

lufreesz said...

Very nice work!
it´s perfect!

KateH said...

Wow, this one's awesome! Even as a caricature, you kept her looking pretty :)