Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michael Bublé final

All done,looks ok I think. Doesn't have the looseness I would have liked but I think that will take a lot of practice to achieve. Fun though, hope you like it!


Karl said...

Well done Neil, like you said its a new style and I think it works very well.
I only hope one day I can do this.

How about another crooner to follow ?


Steve Roberts said...

Hi Neil, congratulations on this, you must be very proud, a beautiful piece of work.

em... said...

If I was to be picky, I think it could do without the brightest highlights on the suit, as they do make it look slightly plastic.

Other than that it's superb, and I hope you do more in this style. It makes me want to try out some Leyendecker-isms.

Neil Davies said...

Thanks guys. Will definitely do some more like this soon!

Tenzin said...

This style reminds me of Stingone's.