Friday, February 11, 2011

Michael Bublé WIP

So this is what I'm doing with Bublé. Recently I got a book on J.C.Leyendecker (and another on Norman Rockwell) and just been blown away by the work in them. This is my attempt at something that vaguely resembles a Leyendecker illustration. Not a copy of his technique (because that would be impossible for me), but trying something different inspired by that type of picture.

Obviously I'm going to do the full figure, hopefully it'll look good when done - pleased with how his face has turned out anyway, so quite excited now to do the rest! Feel free to tear it to bits in the comments ;)

P.S. I just love Michael Bublé - I could listen to his songs all day (and frequently do). I blame my friend Judy for this as she introduced me to his music. I thought it was too cheesy at first (coz it is) but frankly I can't think of anyone who can sing the classics like this guy.


john said...

I like this very much..just reading rock wells autobiography..very inspiring..

em... said...

I can see the Leyendecker influence, Neil. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished.

If the book you mentioned is the same one I've got (it probably is, as there's only ever been a couple of others published ever) it has come to light that at least one fake Leyendecker managed to slip through - the two guys on a sofa on pages 98-99.

Neil Davies said...

Yep same book - that is so weird! I remember looking at that one and thinking the white background looked wrong, the brush-strokes just felt different. The figures still looked great though and I didn't think for a second it wasn't his work! Amazing.