Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natalie Portman Black Swan

Also for the Facebook group Caricaturama 3000, I tried a more graphic style for this, not sure it really works so I might redo it. Also I thought it might be of interest to show a couple of steps on the way. The first sketch below I did by tracing over a couple of ballerina reference photos I liked the poses of and made sure they went together how I wanted (and then sketched roughly the caricatured heads also). Using the photos and the first sketch, I then started with a clean sheet and drew a new caricature of both figures, exaggerating the look how I wanted and using the first sketch to make sure the figures still worked together. I really like the final sketch - just not sure if I chose the right way of painting it!


Emily Anthony said...

Thanks for sharing your process on it! I like your
light-hearted take on such dark characters.

Lord Ruthwen said...