Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Commissions and feedback

It's always great to get feedback from customers on my gift caricatures, especially when it's from someone for whom it was a present or surprise gift. This one is a corker:
Good morning Neil, For my Christmas present this year my girlfriend commisioned yourself to complete a caricature of me and my stock car and this is just a quick email to say what an amazingly awesome job you did!! I was shocked and stunned by what my girlfriend had managed to find and the work you did was truly amazing, the detail of the car is just immense and so accurate its untrue! To say I was and still am impressed is possibly the biggest understatement ever!
Below is the caricature, which was a really fun one to do and I was pretty happy with the look when I finished it. It looks even better now the customer has framed it!
And here are a few other recent jobs that were good fun to do:
Oh, and Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2012 is a cracker for all of us.


schumachergirl1956 said...

I love this type of artwork, is there any chance that some artist could post me one of Michael Schumacher, i am sorry i have no printer and cant afford to pay for it, has it would like nice with my other free drawings on my bedroom walls. here is my details keep up the good work.
Mrs Gail J GRAY,
17,Gunthorpe Road,

Neil Davies said...

Much as I would love to do all this work for free, for anybody who cared to ask, unfortunately I have to earn a living, pay my bills and all that stuff. So no, I won't be doing that for you for free.

Tel said...

... cheeky monkey !!!!

Brilliant work Neil and well deserved words of praise.
A Happy New Year to you and yours.