Monday, February 06, 2012

Sigourney Weaver/Ripley oil painting commission

This is the first larger scale painting commission I've done with oil paints instead of my usual acrylics and I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. I certainly learnt a lot from painting it and now I can't wait to do something similar as soon as possible! I'm a huge fan of the Alien franchise movies (well, the first three at least) and have been for many years, so I was excited when I got a commission to do a traditional painting of Ripley and surprised when I realised I'd never even drawn her before, let alone painted her. We quickly settled on an A2 size for the painting and one particular image from the first film was mentioned. This is my rough sketch (scribbled very quickly in Photoshop) that became the starting point:
I transferred the sketch to a prepared illustration board, but rather than jumping straight in with oils and risking a disaster I decided to do an underpainting in acrylics to get the values I was after, roughly at least. That dried very quickly and then I immediately put a thin oil wash over the whole picture, just to get some oil on there and to put a bit of colour on. I waited for that to completely dry (a couple of days)and then over the next few days I painted the final piece. Here are a few pics of those stages so you can see how it progressed:
After making a correction to a very wonky iris in one of the eyes it was finished. I toyed with the idea of putting some kind of reflection of the alien in the helmet visor but in the end decided that was a bit corny and would take focus away from the face. So here's the finished painting:
Looking forward to the next oil painting now (I think Blade Runner might be the next target) - and I'm always looking for commissions so please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like an original oil painting from me ;) EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention here is that I deliberately didn't use black paint at all in this, all the black areas are done with mainly mixed cobalt blue and alizarin crimson, with some purple and other colours in other areas. I was really surprised how well that worked out.


Chris Snee said...

Interesting method of applying acrylic paint for a foundation before applying oils.Never thought of that. I do caricature paintings as well, but don't have the guts to tackle oils. Great Job!

Neil Davies said...

Thanks Chris :)

Give oils a go!

Mike Eppe said...

Just awesome ! :/