Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aubrey McClendon for the WSJ

This I think is one of the better pieces I've done recently, and it might have been because I was put under a bit of time pressure - this was started about 5pm one day and had to be finished by the same time the next day. As it turned out that wasn't a problem, but it got the nerves tingling a little bit!

I was sent a really good quality photo of the subject (who's a CEO of an energy company in the U.S.), but as I wasn't familiar with him at all I looked up a few more photos to get an idea of his face structure etc. It took a few goes to get a sketch I was happy with:

I got the go ahead to carry on and quickly blocked in some colour:

Then the following day I painted for 5 or 6 hours roughly to reach the final you see above. Here are a couple of details. After finishing I added a little bit of noise to the image with a Photoshop filter - I've seen other artists use it a lot and never really got it, but I used it for the WSJ in the previous post to knock the background back a bit and tried it on the painted face and it looked good, I think maybe it's to do with the size and level of detail in the painting being enough to take it.

It was great to have to turn something like this around in a short time, I'm really pleased with it and I hope it'll help get me more work like it in the future. Onwards and upwards!

(here's a link to the WSJ article with my illustration)


Toby K said...

Excellent work Neil, congratulations!

Paul Moyse said...

Good work mate!