Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prof.Francesca Stavrakopoulou for The Skeptic Magazine

Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou is Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Religion at Exeter University and when I was asked to do a caricature of her for this cover I knew she'd done a TV series for the BBC about the bible, but I must admit I hadn't seen it. So I watched the series (3 programmes) and thought they were all excellent - really interesting and entertaining as well as informative. The first is on iPlayer here and I think they are all on YouTube if you can't view iPlayer. Watch them! The illustration was fun to do, we wanted to suggest the bible text coming to life in some way, in the end I went with probably the simplest and most obvious way of doing that but I think it really works. The text is all Hebrew from the bible, but I have no clue what it says! Plus it's great to have another woman on the cover.

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Toby K said...

Very good!