Friday, June 21, 2013

Sir Ian McKellen

Always wanted to do a caricature of this absolute legend, pleased with how it turned out. Although the expression is a bit neutral maybe. Technically I'm happy though I think :)

Here's an earlier stage of the painting:


Nic G said...

awesome work! I understand the first draft painting process but the second one u posted the details are incredible. Did you jus zoomed in d reference and painting every skin tone? What if the reference pic isn't big enough for details. Jus' wished to know the process behind such magical work. Anyways awesome work!
BTW. in the second one i.e the detailed one Had you kept the outline lighter-of right ear, right cheek and d wrinkle parallel to it starting from the nose downwards then it would have looked more 3 dimensional and more realistic. Jus look at your treatment to the left side of his face!
Anyways I can't do even 1% of that!

Anonymous said...

I second that!Great work.