Monday, July 08, 2013

A special birthday caricature

I've been doing covers for The Skeptic Magazine for quite a while now, so it was a real pleasure to be asked to do this mock cover and caricature of the current editor Deborah Hyde for her birthday. Deb is an expert in the supernatural, witches, werewolves and just about everything else in that area - she has a blog and website under the name Jourdemayne (a famous witch!). Go check them out, there is some really cool stuff there :)

I got to use my love of pin-up art as inspiration to do this, you won't be surprised to know that the work of Gil Elvgren was very much in my mind, also the amazing artist Serge Birault does this type of work far better than I ever could, so it was fun to try and achieve something roughly similar. Because it was a mock cover, I had to come up with some blurb as fake stories - apologies for the weak puns (and as it was done a few months ago the badly out of date references!).

Also my friend and fellow skeptic Will Watling produced a superb 3D lenticular print of the image - this animated gif shows roughly how it looked:

Will is doing some cool work in 3D photography, check out his website Illuminesence 3D Photography.

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misterponce said...

trop mignonne!!!!