Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Prof. Lawrence Krauss for The Skeptic Magazine

One awesome physicist (Sean Carroll, see earlier post) is swiftly followed by another - Professor Lawrence Krauss! Although this was done quite a while ago and is my more usual caricature (starting to want to do portraits instead these days, not sure why!). This was fun, as there's a time gap between painting it and looking at it again now I really don't like some of it, but I like the blackboard idea anyway (that's real physics! Don't ask me what they all mean though).

You can subscribe to the brilliant Skeptic Magazine here :)


Celestia Ward said...

Fantastic Krauss!

bismarket1 said...

Big Fan Of Lawrence Krauss & from finding this piece of your artwork, i've been lookin around your stuff & am very very impressed. Thanx for sharing!